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    Thursday, September 24, 2015

    My Visuals From “The 5 ITSM Projects You Should Start Doing Tomorrow Morning”

    I just finished the webinar, and here are the visuals I used. Feel free to download them:

    The session was recorded and it will be made available from Pink Elephant very soon. Watch for a further announcement and instructions!

    There was one question that I saw in the CHAT window only after we’d ended the session, it was from Sridhar Rao Patibandia:

    “What if my business has not clearly defined objectives? Or objectives that may not be aligned or benefit IT?”

    Good questions!

    I’d be surprised if your business does not have objectives defined for this year. You just need to know who to ask. In the instance that there are no objectives (which could be the case for a small business) then you have two choices:

    1. Go talk to the Executive Team and ask for this information (for a small business this may be possible). At least look for an opportunity to socialize with them the idea that you really should have some clear business objectives. I know this sounds a bit provocative, but only you will know if this is possible in your organization. If you feel the culture would support such a discussion, then go ahead. if not, try this ...

    2. If approaching the Executives is out of the question, then discuss with your peers what you THINK the business objectives could be. You’ll probably come close to figuring this out from recalling discussions, reports & communications from senior management. Only in a private company would the Executive team have secret objectives that they didn’t want to divulge. And this really is a very rare exception which, hopefully, is not the situation for you.

    If the business objectives are not aligned with the IT objectives, then your IT objectives need to change. That was the purpose of “Project 2” in my talk.

    If the business objectives do not “benefit” IT then - I’m sorry! The purpose of a business is not to serve IT, it’s the other way around. Maybe what you mean is “What if the business objectives are too much of a challenge for IT?” If that’s the case then you certainly will have a lot of work to do to review the vision, mission & objectives of IT to enable and support the business. But business objectives have to be accepted. In IT it’s our job to figure out how we can enable and support. Sure - you may not have all the resources you need right now, but that’s where strong IT leadership comes in to argue for the resources the team needs.

    Good luck!

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    Posted by David Ratcliffe on 09/24 at 01:08 PM
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