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    So What Might You Be Struggling With?

    If you asked a collection of Consultants to tell you what they believed their customers were struggling with, one of the most frequent replies might be something like “How to implement DevOps ...” or “How to implement Agile ...” or Lean, or ITIL, or IT governance, or cyber resilience, or whatever. Notice how each of these things are really just the “means” to something (delivering quality IT services), and not the “end”.

    From my experience, IT managers struggle to align their projects and activities with true, valuable business objectives and benefits. THAT is what I would expect to hear IT managers say they struggle with. Doing more, cheaper, and quicker than before!

    Of course having the right enablers (approaches, frameworks, methods, skills, technologies, etc), well configured and setup is going to make your efforts more effective and efficient. But first you have to know WHAT you’re trying to do, WHY and by WHEN. So my advice for the new year coming up is to make sure you clearly understand what the business objectives are, and how you and your teams need to focus on meeting those objectives. At that point you can start to look at all those enablers and figure out what will be helpful.

    We can do many things, but that’s not a good reason to do them! We do things because we SHOULD do them, not because we CAN.

    For example, if you saw the cops driving around in a Rolls Royce what would you think?

    It works, sure! It’s possible, sure! But does it make sense?

    We don’t do Lean, Agile, DevOps or even ITSM just because a Consultant says so. We do those things because they help us deliver quality IT services on time and at a reasonable cost. If they truly enable our objectives, great. If they don’t, then why do it?

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