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Troy DuMoulin, VP, Research & Development

Troy is a leading ITIL® IT Governance and Lean IT authority with a solid and rich background in Executive IT Management consulting. Troy holds the ITIL Expert certifications and has extensive experience in leading IT Service Management (ITSM) programs with a regional and global scope.

He is a frequent speaker at IT Management events and is a contributing author to multiple ITSM and Lean IT books, papers and official ITIL publications including ITIL’s Planning To Implement IT Service Management and Continual Service Improvement.


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"This blog is dedicated to making sense out of the shifting landscape of IT Management. Just when we thought we had a good handle on managing technology, the job we thought we knew is being threatened by strange acronym’s like ITIL, CMMI, COBIT, ect.. Suddenly the rules have changed and we are not sure why. The goal of this blog is to offer an element of sanity and logic to what can appear to be chaos."

Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy

"In many of the more relaxed civilizations on the Outer Eastern Rim of the Galaxy, the Hitch Hiker’s Guide has already supplanted the great Encyclopedia Galactic as the standard repository of all knowledge and wisdom, for though it has many omissions and contains much that is apocryphal, or at least wildly inaccurate, it scores over the older more pedestrian work in two important respects.

First, it is slightly cheaper: and secondly it has the words DON’T PANIC inscribed in large friendly letters on its cover."
~Douglas Adams


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Saturday, February 06, 2016

PR 66 - To Change Is Human; But Never Easy

Adopting, Adapting Frameworks Is 20% Process/Tools & 80% People Change

Living, working and moving through life’s stages represents a constant process of change and transition. Yet somehow we never seem to master this process and often completely ignore this central aspect of our lives at work and at home. One of the greatest challenges to achieving our vision, goals and objectives in the workplace is that we do not place the correct level of focus on this critical success factor, leaving the most challenging aspect of our professional lives to hope and happenstance.

Unfortunately - Hope is NEVER a plan!

Join George and I as we discuss with our guest Robin Hysick the different dimensions, models and methods for managing Organizational Change. Specifically in this podcast we will focus on what leaders need to know and understand about managing change and how through intentional leadership it is possible to smooth out the challenges of transition.

Show Notes:

  • Introduction of Robin Hysick - Pink Elephant Change Practice Lead
  • What is a practice?
  • Pink Elephant Training on Organizational Change Management
  • Working with Technology is easy when compared to People Change / Transition
  • Adoption of frameworks always include changes of Attitude, Behaviours and Attitudes
  • Leadership styles and Change / Transition
  • Leaders often forget that they have already progressed through the change curve
  • Change always has a cost - Beckhard and Harris ( A*B*C > D)
    1. A = Cost of Current State
    2. B = The Appeal of the future state
    3. C = The logical and sequential steps to achieve B
    4. D = The cost of Change
  • ROI definition requires an understanding of the benefits decided by the cost of current state
  • Leaders need to involve people in change “People don’t resist change they resist being changed”
  • Change needs a plan! (Planned Change - e.g.: Kotter 8 Steps)
  • Change requires urgency and time sensitivity
  • Change also involves culture (Deal and Bolman Model)
  • Change requires being aware that ‘Emotion always Trumps Reason’
  • Managing emotions requires turning communication and awareness techniques to specific stakeholders
  • Kotter - Heart of Change was the realization of that emotion is more important than logic
  • William Bridges Book (Managing Transitions) Change vs Transition
  • Archie Bunker and Change vs Transition
  • Humans normally focus on loss over benefits even when what they are gaining is superior
  • Consciously Competent to Uncertainty is painful and has a cost
  • Loss of productivity is normal when people move to new situations
  • The valley of despair and change when leaving your comfort zone
  • The key is to keep the dip short and also shallow
  • The fear of not changing and falling behind (The cost of not changing)
  • Organizational Change is a growing discipline that borrows from other areas of knowledge
  • The importance of understanding and working with stakeholders

Robin’s, George’s and Troy’s thoughts. What are your thoughts?

“The only constant in the universe is change - you can either manage change or it will manage you”

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Posted by Troy DuMoulin on 02/06 at 05:11 PM
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