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    Monday, October 20, 2014

    My Session Materials From Fusion14

    This is what I presented this afternoon How_To_Justify_An_ITSM_Improvement_Project_To_Executive_Management.pdf

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    Posted by David Ratcliffe on 10/20 at 05:57 PM
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    Tuesday, September 16, 2014

    My Personal Take-Aways From the 3rd Annual ITSM Leadership Forum

    The majority of participants at any special event produced by Pink are there to increase their knowledge of ITSM practices and resources, and improve their capabilities to lead change back at the workplace.

    For me, my objectives are a bit different. Firstly, and most importantly, I need to find out if what we’re doing is hitting the mark. Are we meeting our customers’ needs? Are they really learning new ideas, and are they going away feeling inspired to do something with that new knowledge?

    I also want to know if the venue we chose is making that primary objective possible. Some venues create an environment which makes learning and networking easier and more productive. Other venues might not be quite so hospitable.

    Finally, I want to find out what new trends may be emerging in our industry. I may already have some topics in mind, but I need to validate their relative importance with our customers. Are they interested in ISO or COBIT? Do they continue to see mobile and cloud as challenges? What about social media and the continuing consumerization of IT - are they perceived as threats to ITSM?

    So how did it go at this year’s PinkFORUM14?

    There were lots of specific learning points from the dozens of sessions at this year’s event. Looking through the agenda (with 3 tracks it’s just not possible to attend every session) we clearly had some outstanding real-life experiences that were valued by our customers. Also our team of Pink Consultants continued to deliver practical and worthwhile advice for how to effect change. The anecdotal feedback we had on-site from some of our regular customers confirmed that our “session selection team” (Pattie & Fatima) did a great job once again. We had lots of remarks from customers saying that the content at this event was the best they’d ever experienced! In fact I recall talking with one individual who said she was really not too enthused about being there after her boss had basically said “You need to go!” Then, already after day 1, she said she was “blown away” by the amount of relevant content and the style of presentation. And let’s not forget those other customers of ours - the sponsors representing the IT services community. Not only did they have some of their best thought leaders and visionaries there to impress our practitioner customers, but they themselves found the opportunity to network highly worthwhile. Their feedback was just as pleasing to us. One of our goals is to provide an environment where relationships can be built and improved, connecting people no matter what their purpose for being there. So our primary objective of delivering a valuable learning experience was clearly met.

    The venue - Omni’s Montelucia Resort - got a big thumbs up from our customers. Our plan for no more than 200 attendees required a comfortable (luxurious even!) venue that promoted a feeling of quiet calm with minimum distractions. It also needed to be practical. Meaning meeting rooms, bedrooms and all essential facilities had to be in close proximity. The Montelucia met the challenge in all categories. Meetings rooms off a single lobby area, and no more than a 1 to 2 minute walk through beautiful landscaped gardens from even the most distant bedroom. There were a variety of bars and restaurants that provided enough diversity of choices for a 2-3 night stay. And I think one of the most popular features was the central pool area, which seemed to be well utilized late into the hot summer evening! So we’d have no hesitation going back to the Montelucia again. Having said that, there’s other criteria our event planners have to take into account when planning and selecting venues, not least being the availability for our preferred dates - so we’ll have to see!

    As for the confirmation, or otherwise, of emerging trends in our industry - there were no big surprises here (no one likes surprises anyway, right?) As we’ve noticed over recent years, US based organizations are not as charmed by the benefits of ISO as their counterparts elsewhere in the world. It has seemed odd to me that ISO 20000 - the standard for IT Service Management - has not garnered more interest in the USA. However COBIT, DevOps, Agile & Scrum get lots and lots of attention. Everyone continues to try and get to grips with mobile and the ongoing consumerization of IT technologies and services. For me, I think these are definite “leadership” issues. if we’re losing some control of IT resources - because they’re sourced externally - that does not mean we cannot exercise influence and promote knowledge of the risks and benefits.

    Overall then - we’re delighted to report another successful Pink event!

    In fact, the post-event structured feedback we’ve gathered and analyzed seems to confirm what we learned anecdotally - this year’s PinkFORUM event was the best yet, and is looking to be a permanent fixture in the calendar of ITSM leaders in the USA. Already we’ve had people asking us about next year’s event. That’s always a good sign!

    We’d be interested to know what you’d like to see next year. if you have suggestions for the type of content you need to see, and the way sessions are presented, don’t hesitate to let us know.

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    Posted by David Ratcliffe on 09/16 at 10:16 AM
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    Monday, September 08, 2014

    ITSM Leadership Masterclass - Kuala Lumpur

    A great session today!

    Here’s the visual aids I used:


    Also, a link to the “Why” clip from Louis CK’s TV sitcom! Remember, if you really want to understand something - keep asking “Why?”

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    Posted by David Ratcliffe on 09/08 at 05:05 AM
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    Tuesday, July 08, 2014

    Summary Of 35 Global Standards We Refer To In IT Service Management

    I just received an email from good buddy Ivo van Haren (CEO of Van Haren Puiblishing). He’s sent me a copy of one of VHP’s latest publications “Global Standards & Publications”.

    It contains an easy-to-read description of lots of the various frameworks, methodologies, standards & bodies of knowledge we use in ITSM. Stuff like Agile, Lean IT, CMMI, Scrum, TOGAF, BiSL, Six Sigma and many, many more.

    It’s a free download so click on the link and catch up on what you’ve been meaning to find out about!

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    Posted by David Ratcliffe on 07/08 at 11:11 AM
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    Wednesday, June 18, 2014

    4th Annual ITSM Conference in Santiago, Chile

    Today is a very, very important day in Chile. Not because in the World Cup we have Spain v Chile this afternoon, but because Pink Elephant is presenting our 4th Annual Conference here in Santiago!

    Here are the slides I will be using for my two solo sessions:




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    Posted by David Ratcliffe on 06/18 at 08:34 AM
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    Thursday, June 12, 2014

    The Shock & Surprise Of Business Objectives!

    Over the past couple of weeks I talked about “Business Objectives” at the series of Science Of Metrics seminars in the USA (see my previous blog post).

    In my session I mentioned that Peter Drucker had claimed around 90% of people do not know the current objectives for their business. Well, from my experience of asking 200+ people - the answer is actually more like 99.9%!!

    Can you believe it?

    Virtually no one in ITSM knows the goals for their business in 2014! I’m not talking about the overall vision or mission for the business (say, “To be the first choice for customers when they are looking for ......”) - but the specific objectives the executive team have set for the current fiscal period.

    Usually it’s stuff like “Grow revenues by xx%”, or “Return to profitability ...”, or “Launch this new product range ....”, or “Enter this new market ....”, or “Open xxx new stores ...”. These are all goals which are precise and measurable. They involve supporting projects and results which might be challenging, yes. But they need to be vividly clear and easy to understand.

    Everyone in the organization, not just in IT Service Management, should know what the business is striving for this year. Not just the overall purpose of why we exist and the approach we take, but the specific outcomes we need to achieve this year if we’re going to be successful

    I was stunned that no one - yes, no one! - was able to quickly answer my simple question “Give me an example of one of your organization’s current business objectives.”

    If you cannot answer this question, then how do you know that what you’re doing every day is adding any value?

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    Posted by David Ratcliffe on 06/12 at 12:04 PM
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    Wednesday, May 28, 2014

    The “Science Of Metrics” Seminar With Cherwell, Bomgar & HDI

    Here’s a copy of the slides from my session:


    Not much about metrics, but you had to be there!

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    Posted by David Ratcliffe on 05/28 at 11:13 AM
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    Monday, May 12, 2014

    Will I See You At One Of These Events?

    Over the next few weeks and months I’m going to be out and about speaking at various industry events. Here’s the list so far:

    May 28: Chicago, IL
    May 30: Boston, MA
    June 2: Atlanta, GA
    June 4: Charlotte, NC and
    June 5: Miami, FL
    Where Cherwell are producing a seminar titled: “The Science Of Metrics” and I’ll be speaking on the subject of “The 5 ITSM Projects You Should Start Doing Tomorrow Morning!”

    June 18: Santiago, Chile
    “Pink Elephant’s 4th Annual IT Service Management Conference & Exhibition” I’ll be presenting 2 sessions “The 8 Key Traits Of An IT Service Management Superhero!” and “The 5 ITSM Projects You Should Start Doing Tomorrow Morning!” I’ll also be facilitating a most unusual discussion “What The World Cup Game Between Spain & Chile Can Teach Us About IT Management Services”!!!

    August 17-20: Scottsdale, AZ
    “Pink Elephant’s 3rd Annual IT Service Management Leadership Forum” On the Sunday I’ll be facilitating a discussion “IT Governance: What Is It? Why Is It So Important? What Do IT Leaders Need To Know About It?” with my buddies, Rob England, Troy DuMoulin & Jack Probst. Then on the main event program I’m facilitating another discussion “Your (S)aas Is On The Line! What Does Today’s IT Service Management Leader Need To Know About The Cloud?” with Troy DuMoulin & Malcolm Ryder (Archestra Research). I will also be presenting one of my favourite all time Pink sessions “What Gregory Peck Can Teach Us About ITSM Leadership”, a 2-part workshop with my buddy, George Spalding. The next day, after the main event, I am also hosting a full day workshop “The ITSM Leadership MasterClass”.

    September 8-10: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    “Pink Elephant’s 6th Annual IT Service Management Conference & Exhibition” I host “The ITSM Leadership MasterClass” the day before the main event, and 3 more sessions over the following 2 days: “8 Key Traits Of An IT Service Management Superhero!”, “5 Critical Actions For IT Service Management Leaders” and “Winning C-Level Buy-In With An Effective Business Case”.

    September 11-12: Singapore
    “Pink Elephant’s 6th Annual IT Service Management Conference & Exhibition” where I begin with “The ITSM Leadership MasterClass” on the first day and present 3 sessions on the last day “8 Key Traits Of An IT Service Management Superhero!”, “5 Critical Actions For IT Service Management Leaders” and the Conference wrap-up “Translating Knowledge Into Results”.

    September 18: Toronto, ON
    I’m presenting a 1-day seminar “The Business of IT” with my Pink buddy Troy DuMoulin.

    October 19-22: Washington, DC
    I’ll be presenting at itSMF’s “FUSION14 Conference & Expo” on the subject of “Justifying ITSM Improvement Projects To Executives Management” in the Strategic Track.


    But that’s not all, Pink has more events planned before the end of the year and so I’ll update if anything is added.

    Finally, if you’re involved in program planning for a group (maybe an itSMF LIG or an HDI Local Chapter) or you work for an IT services organization planning to host an event for your customers, then please consider inviting me along! You can either contact me directly, or better still reach out to Pattie Lanktree at Pink. Pattie coordinates all our speaking engagements and so nothing happens without her say-so!

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    Posted by David Ratcliffe on 05/12 at 04:39 PM
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    Friday, May 02, 2014

    What’s The Purpose of ITSM In Your Organization - part 2

    I often wonder who reads this blog. Now I know!

    I arrived here in San Francisco a couple of days ago and as is sometimes the case, I received a nice little “welcome pack” in my room (and Four Seasons’ exclusive Iconoclast Cab is one of my favs!). See pic number 1:

    Now sometimes I have been known to enjoy the wine and not pay much attention to the note in the envelope. Not this time, see pics 2 & 3!!!!!!!

    You’ll find the original quote in my previous blog entry before this one - just scroll down.

    And Pink Elephant mentioned in the same breath as Four Seasons - I’m flattered!

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    Posted by David Ratcliffe on 05/02 at 08:33 PM
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    Tuesday, April 08, 2014

    What’s The Purpose Of ITSM In Your Organization?

    First things first.

    That’s a phrase I’ve heard many different people say all through my life. Usually a leader will use this phrase to focus us on the approach for a task. I even remember my grand-mother on baking day saying “First things first” as she got her huge mixing bowl out from the pantry!

    However, in the context of IT Service Management I think this phrase comes into its own not so much when we describe WHAT we should be doing, or even HOW we should be going about things, but “first things first” in ITSM should mean “WHY are we about to do this ....?”

    Always verify the purpose before starting some new initiative. Always make sure there’s a worthwhile benefit to the organization. That means the benefit needs to be relevant to our overall objectives for the business.

    For me, the purpose of ITSM has always been - to deliver reliable, worthwhile and cost effective IT services (those words “reliable”, “worthwhile” and “cost effective” cover a lot of ground but you don’t need me to elaborate on that - do you?)

    So, as you’re about to make changes in the operation of your ITSM activities you should be asking yourself “Is this change going to help us deliver greater reliability of existing services, worthwhile new services, or have a positive effect on finances?” If the answer is “Yes” - well done! If the answer is “No” or “Not sure” - then you have more thinking to do.

    Keep in mind the purpose of ITSM.

    A few years ago that would be it for my subject today - the purpose of ITSM is to deliver reliable, worthwhile, cost effective IT services. But today, there’s more ....!

    Recently, through the consumerization of IT, we see corporate IT being by-passed as new IT assets and services are sourced by others in the organization. That’s not so bad when it’s done effectively and efficiently with no unacceptable risks (such as data being compromised). But I have to believe this increasingly empowered workforce could still use some expert advice when making their decisions. So, I see an additional role (purpose) for ITSM - to provide counselling on the risks & opportunities of new trends in technologies and IT services.

    Do you agree? Or do you think it’s just buyer beware! (Translation: “It’s not my job!”)

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    Posted by David Ratcliffe on 04/08 at 08:29 PM
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    Saturday, March 01, 2014

    My Favourite Photos From Pink14

    All of the photos can be viewed here.

    But here’s my faves:

    Here we see Pink Think Tank participant, David Cannon. I can’t quite decide if he’s about to fall asleep, or pounce.

    That’s George Spalding (Pink Executive Vice President), Super Pinky (Pink Chief Ambassador), Lou Cino (Pink Executive Vice president & CFO) and me.

    Fatima Cabral (Pink CEO) initially tells us how many martinis she wants when she leaves stage ....

    ... then changes her mind.

    Peter Hepworth (Axelos’ CEO) - that’s not your halo slipping is it Peter?

    Postcard for the Boss “It’s all hard work at the Pink Conference, honest!”

    Me and my old buddy, Malcolm Fry. I’ll have to hunt out some pics of us 30 years ago to let you see how we havn’t changed (he’s always been the short, ugly one).

    And finally, Pink’s Troy DuMoulin & Jack Probst leading the Pink Think Tank team in a special performance of the Can-Can!

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    Posted by David Ratcliffe on 03/01 at 04:35 PM
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    Tuesday, February 25, 2014

    Pink14: What You Already Know & Some Of What You May Not Know!

    So the 18th Annual IT Service Management Conference is all in the past now - except for the “clean up” we have to do over the next few weeks. When I say “clean up” I’m not talking about any unexpected mess, just the detailed assessment of feedback from all the sessions, and paying the bills!

    By all initial accounts the Pink Conference Team did another fantastic job. We had slightly more attendees than last year, and more vendors too. So from a purely business perspective, the riskiest thing that Pink does every year is almost put to bed with no surprises or dangerous incidents to send us into any kind of panic (thank you Mother Nature; thank you Mr President; and thank you everyone else in the world who didn’t do anything to mess with us).

    There’s a lot the Conference Team have to do to prepare and then execute this event, but they’re old hands at most of what’s needed. One thing I’d like to call out, though, is how on the Tuesday afternoon they assisted the Bellagio team to “flip” the main keynote room to get ready for a big party. There was a lot to do, from setting up the stage for the Water Coolers and the Rolling Stones tribute band - The Jagged Stones - to setting tables for 1500 people with party favours and lots of other fun decorations. Oh yes, and the bars and food tables! If you were there for the party then you probably wondered how that huge room could have been reset so quickly - but it was. Thanks to the Bellagio Events Team and the Pink Conference Team. Well done!

    Speaking of “The Jagged Stones” - we were quite tickled at a piece on Huffington Post the next day profiling the band and their performance at the “Tower Ballroom, Bellagio”! Just a bit puzzled why they didn’t mention Pink or our event by name ???? Also, does this mean one of our participants is a blogger for Huffington Post?

    But lots of other reviews were very clear in their appreciation of Pink and the overall value of the event. Some interesting reads were contained in the blog entries by:

    Rebecca Beach writing for the ITSM Review

    Jon Reynolds (Cloud Sherpas)

    Ian Aitchison (LANDESK)

    Earl Begley from the University of Kentucky, writing for the ITSM Review

    Chuck Darst for HP

    Jim Finister (Tata Consultancy Services)

    If you were there then some of what you’ll read in those blogs will sound familiar, for sure. And, no doubt you took away some great ideas and guidance from the eclectic group of speakers and fellow attendees.

    The anecdotal comments we’ve received first hand have also been universally positive, praising the great job done by all our session speakers and contributors. As expected we’ve had a few comments about how there’s “just too much content”, and “give me more than 15-20 minutes for lunch please!” But you know - and you’ve heard me say this every year - no matter how we slice & dice things, you’re ALWAYS going to be unable to attend everything! You just have to spend some time planning your time to make sure you hit what’s most important to you. And if you need 45 minutes for lunch - take it! Don’t blame us (it’s my fault actually) that we have sessions going on while you chomp down. We just want to give you lots to chose from, and that means you can’t do everything. I’m afraid that’s a “criticism” we’re always going to have to live with. We regularly consider new ideas for how we can space things out and try to adjust the program so that you can make the most of as much of the content as possible, but at the end of the day - unless we have a single track event - YOU have to make some choices!

    Again this year, for the 3rd time, we streamed all the keynotes live via the web. If you were one of those who tuned in, I’d really like to hear what your experience was like. This year we made some adjustments to how that was done, using a split screen to show the speaker and the images on the big screen simultaneously. A big improvement on how when a speaker might show a picture or video and you’re left staring at a silent and motionless speaker on-stage as in the last 2 years.

    My personal highlights of the Conference program:

    • Seeing the impressive stage setting for the first time on Monday morning. Wow! It looked fabulous - the colourful yet moody Gotham City backdrop with the London phone booth (errrr, OK, a bit of artistic licence there!)
    • Seeing Pink’s CEO, Fatima Cabral, come out of that phone booth, removing her Superhero cape and welcoming everyone in that most calm, confident and stylish way that only she knows how - and then going on to deliver, for me, the most memorable line of the Conference: “Holy Fit For Purpose, Batman!”
    • Then seeing Pink’s Executive VP, George Spalding go INTO the phone booth dressed as Clark Kent and exiting a few seconds later in his Superman outfit. OK - to be honest the Superman outfit is not something we really want to retain in our memories, I know, but it was fun for us in the know (and now you!) to think of how George was “re-dressed” by two ladies inside that booth. George has many talents, but being a solo quick change artists clearly isn’t one of them - so he needed an extra couple of hands in there. OK - moving on quickly ....
    • Long time Pink friend Kirk Weisler doing an absolute kick-ass job as Jimmy Olson in his little vignette with George, sorry, Superman.
    • Commander Chris Hadfield. Everyone else has already said how he lived up to our need for inspiration. I was just a bit tickled to think how we booked him almost a year ago - when he was actually still in space at the International Space Station! Well done Conference Manager, Pattie Lanktree! I loved his style of speaking, and I’ll never get tired of seeing close-up video of launches from Cape Canaveral. That thunderous roar always gets to me!
    • Seeing Pink’s Barry Brown accompany Cmdr. Hadfield in a performance of “Space Oddity” Nice one Baz!
    • Caroline Casey: Again, others have written eloquently about this impressive lady. I was just completely taken aback by her story. In 18 years we’ve had many, many interesting keynote speakers, but she takes the cake for providing me with the biggest surprise. I just wasn’t prepared for what she had to say. If you want to know what all the fuss was about, watch her TED Talk video and be ready to have your mind blown.
    • The many conversations and good wishes I received from old and new friends over the few days we spent together. It means a lot to me when people say they LOVE coming to our Conference and they can’t wait to come back! Thank you.
    • And the folks who attended my two sessions on Wednesday. “The Dragon’s Den of ITSM” just before lunch got off to a fun start when I asked everyone if they were enjoying the event, and especially why a few folks tend to leave on Tuesday evening. “What’s that all about?” If you were there you’ll know there was no shortage of opinions on what people would like to see next time. We’ll try our best - I can promise you that! All good feedback we’re taking into consideration, thanks!
    • And my half-day ” workshop “The ITSM Leadership MasterClass” on Wednesday afternoon. If you were there you probably observed that I enjoyed it as much as anyone in attendance. Is that fair? Am I allowed to have more fun than my customers?! I just love this subject and I’m planning to do a lot more research and writing on this. “Leadership” is talked about a lot these days, but mostly in a very generic way. I think “Leadership in ITSM” has some special needs - which I really want to understand and discuss more. So look out if you’re going to the “3rd Annual ITSM Leadership Forum” - PinkFORUM14 - later this year!

    Well, if you were there last week I want to thank you. The faith you place in us means a whole lot more than I can express. And if you weren’t there - then maybe we’ll see you next time? The “19th Annual International IT Service Management Conference & Exhibition” is way more than just a placeholder in our calendars right now. We’ve been planning it for some time and we promise you’ll not regret attending!

    Better still, if you plan to be at PinkFORUM14 & Pink15 - you need to check out our special combo offer!

    Pink14 is gone. PinkFORUM14 & Pink15 are on the way!

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    Posted by David Ratcliffe on 02/25 at 05:19 PM
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    Wednesday, February 19, 2014

    The ITSM Leadership MasterClass

    Here are my materials from Today’s session.


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    Posted by David Ratcliffe on 02/19 at 06:29 PM
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    Monday, February 17, 2014

    Welcome To Pink14!

    The 18th Annual IT Service Management Conference & Exhibition is off to a great start! Here’s how it all began, with the Opening Remarks from Fatima Cabral, Pink Elephant’s CEO.

    Hello!! Welcome IT Superheroes!

    On behalf of everyone here at Pink Elephant, it is my pleasure to welcome you to Pink14 - our 18th annual conference. We are so very proud that this is THE largest gathering of IT Service Management professionals in the world! Thank you very much for being here.

    I want to extend a special thank you to those who have travelled from abroad – and there are many! This is truly an international event – we have attendees here from all corners of the globe; Russia, Africa, many parts of Europe, the Middle East, many parts of Asia, Australia, New Zealand and of course, from here in North America – Canada, Mexico and the US as well as Latin America. Thank you very much for making the long journey here to join us. 

    WOW - 18 times!  It’s hard to believe so many years have passed. At the beginning, in the mid 90s, Pink challenged IT professionals to embrace, not just technical certification, but to also learn about process management. And you did. Since then, millions of people all over the world have learned about ITIL, ISO, Lean IT, Six Sigma, COBIT, just to name a few. While at one time, very few IT managers knew about process management certifications, today that is definitely not the case. And, we at Pink are enormously proud of the major role we have played in this industry-wide and global transformation. You know, Pink has led the way, and each year at this event we aim to provide you with ever-expanding knowledge that you can take back home to help with your business improvements.

    We aim to have you leave feeling inspired to re-energize and re-focus your continuous process improvement initiatives back home. Many of you know that we also like to have a bit of fun with our theme. This year’s conference theme is “IT Super-Heroes Driving Business Change” – a bit of fun, but with a serious message.

    Today we live in a business era of superhuman challenges! It’s true, isn’t it? The question IT leaders have to ask is this: Are you and your IT teams UP for the task? Are you mild mannered Clark Kent, or are you faster than a speeding bullet like Superman? Things are happening at such a rapid pace. What you thought you had under control yesterday, is suddenly changing again today. Am I right?

    At this conference we’ve created a program to help you understand what other IT Superheroes have done to successfully manage and drive business change. And, since our area of focus is IT Service Management, we’ve specifically gathered for you many ITSM Super-Heroes. So, what do these Superheroes do? What makes them stand out? Well, in comic strip terms, let me tell you what they do …

    POW! ITSM Superheroes know how to fight off the evil villains of the work place, including that super villain known as, Complacency.

    KA- BOOM! ITSM Superheroes blow up barriers that stand in their way by applying tenacity and persistence. They are bold and brave.

    WOOOOSH! ITSM Superheroes take to the skies inspiring others to climb to ever-growing heights of excellence.

    Holy Fit For Purpose Batman! Whether it’s ITIL, ISO, COBIT, whatever - ITSM Superheroes understand the concepts of applying fit for use and fit for purpose to ward off irrelevancy & bureaucracy.

    Seriously though, in real life terms, here’s what IT Superheroes do. Put simply, they all get RESULTS. 

    Now, here is my list of 8 key traits that ITSM Superheroes possess. There are many more than just 8, but these are ones I want to highlight for you now.

    Number 1
    ITSM Superheroes speak “business-ese” - the language of business. They get meaningful results. And, more specifically, ITSM Superheroes are able to measure business results. Allstate Insurance, the 2007 Project Of The Year award winner, has numerous ITSM wins. They know how to put their IT successes into words, metrics and numbers that C-level executives notice. Catch their presentations here at the conference, by Cathy Kirch and Patrick Soule. You know, it is relatively easy to demonstrate ITSM improvements using the language of IT… fewer incidents, faster resolution, increased response to requests, higher availability, etc. But, demonstrating real value to the business by speaking the language of business, is the bigger challenge, and the bigger value add. 

    Number 2
    ITSM Superheroes are faster than a speeding bullet. They are proactive and enable change.  They also understand and embrace John Kotter’s model for “Leading Change”, and the important step in the model of “managing quick wins”. A good example is Laura Fucci, CIO, City of Henderson Nevada… at this event she is presenting her IT organization’s “30 Day Quick Win Plan” describing her team’s initiatives to make improvements – any improvements – and make them quickly. Another example is last year’s Project of the Year winner, University of Alberta. Sarah Sentes is here to tell you about their 9 month ITSM implementation success story.

    Number 3
    ITSM Superheroes are business people first, not IT people. They understand where IT fits into their organization’s corporate vision. Take for example, Ed Marx, CIO, Texas Health Resources, and a finalist for this year’s IT Leader of the Year award. He and his IT team embrace the view “What we do save lives” –  by embracing this statement they’ve connected everything they do in IT to that one shared vision – what we do saves lives.

    Number 4
    ITSM Superheroes are tenacious and persistent – never give in; never give up – they know how to break down barriers. And, they have found the right way to “ignite” enthusiasm in others by mobilizing and energizing them in very effective and productive ways. A great example of these traits is another finalist for IT Leader of the Year award, Cindy Trudeau, IT Director, Presbyterian Health Care. Catch her presentation to hear first hand her “nothing is going to stop us” attitude!

    Number 5
    When it comes to ITIL specifically, which many of you are using as a framework, ITSM Superheroes know that you don’t need every part of ITIL, and you know which parts to use. ITSM Superheroes use ITIL for what it is, a collection of accepted best practice guidance.  They take what they need, when they need it. Modify it if they want, or need to. They have learned how to use ITIL guidance as just that – guide-books, not play-books! To hear more about these important concepts, attend today’s session led by Rob England that features a summary of the Pink Think Tank session help here on Saturday. Rob will tell you about an important shift in IT, and that most of you are not ready to address this shift. The Pink Think Tank is reporting that everything that IT has been doing in the past is now no longer enough. ITIL is still fit for purpose: but you must reprioritize the ITIL practices, especially Supplier Management and Service Portfolio Management.  Attend his session to learn more.

    Number 6
    ITSM Superheroes are familiar with, and use many best practice frameworks, standards, and models to transform IT and to achieve business excellence. It’s not just about ITIL. ITSM Superheroes know which parts to use from which models, and to make them fit their business goals and priorities. We’re lucky that our conference program includes many presentations from IT managers who are looking beyond ITIL and who are using Lean IT, Agile, COBIT, ISO along with ITIL, or sometimes not. These presentations include award winning CIO, Niel Nickolaisen, from Western Governors University, and AVP,Tom Paider & Process Architect Jeff Gorby, both from Nationwide – another former Project of the Year award winner. 

    Number 7
    ITSM Superheroes are able to entrench a culture of continual service improvement (CSI) where improvement is not a one-time project, but rather it is managed as an ongoing, never ending cycle of Plan, Do, Check, Act. Attend the presentation by Elaine Lauritzen, Managing IT Director, Brigham Young University, and a former Practitioner of the Year award winner. For several years, her IT organization has been on a journey of ITSM excellence, and they are a good example of people who believe that when it comes to CSI - “there is no finish line”.

    Number 8
    ITSM Superheroes get results because they know how to turn knowledge acquired from education and certification, into skills, and they know how to turn skills into results. Let me expand on that: successful IT organizations know how to turn knowledge into changed behavior, and they know how to manage this changed behavior to generate desired outcomes and a service minded, business culture. An example is IT VP Glen Taylor, Walt Disney Parks & Resorts. Attend his presentation to hear how they’ve taken 700 people through ITSM education.

    So, there you have it – 8 key traits I think ITSM Superheroes possess. And while I’ve named only a few Superheroes from our conference program, the agenda is filled with numerous people who will inspire you with their stories and their thought leadership. And, actually, for the next few days you are all Superheroes because you are here to expand your horizons and to learn from others, and I applaud you for seeking truth, justice and the IT excellence way - for your organizations.

    Before I close off I want to take a moment to say thank you to a few important people. One is Rob England who I mentioned a moment ago. Some of you know him as The IT Skeptic, a Superhero in his own right. Someone who has spoken the truth for many years even when it has been extremely controversial. Rob has helped us put together this year’s Pink Think Tank. A group consisting of some of the industry’s most respected ITSM minds, including, Pink’s own Troy DuMoulin and Jack Probst, as well as Karen Ferris, Charles Betz, Charles Araujo, David Cannon, Rodriqo Flores and James Finister. Thank you all very much. There are 2 sessions at this event that profile the results of this year’s Pink Think Tank – don’t miss them!

    Next, I’d like to thank Axelos – the new owners of ITIL - and its CEO Peter Hepworth for joining us here from England. Peter will be here on-stage later to make a very important announcement. And you can also attend Peter’s presentation tomorrow to learn about the “ITIL Roadmap’.

    Thank you to the vendor community and to our exhibitors for supporting our conference. A special thank you to this year’s Platinum sponsor, BMC. All exhibitors enrich our program and so thank you all for being here.

    Thank you to the staff of the Bellagio who we’ve worked with for many years to bring you this conference.

    Thank you to all our Pinkers – our conference team, our trainers and consultants, our customer service team. I am truly blessed to work with such an amazing group of very talented people.

    Thank you to all our speakers this week, and especially those of you presenting case studies who come along to share your successes, lessons learned, and your trials and tribulations, so that others do not have to reinvent the wheel.

    Thank you to our keynotes. The world is filled with truly inspirational people, and we try each year to bring you the best, including this year’s opening keynote, who you will hear from in a few moments, Commander Chris Hadfield, a true Superhero! From him we learn “the sky is not the limit”.

    So, let me now close off now by saying, over the next few days I hope that all you IT Superheroes will inspire others with your own stories. And be inspired yourselves to go back to your organizations and implement at least a few good ideas. As we move together through the conference this week, I ask all of you to talk about and share successes about what is going on in your organizations to fight off evil villains.  And, don’t worry there is no kryptonite here at Pink14! So have fun and enjoy the super program we have put together for you.

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    Tuesday, February 04, 2014

    Pink Interviews Peter Hepworth, CEO, Axelos

    The “Best Management Practices” (including PRINCE 2 and ITIL) previously owned by the British government’s Cabinet Office are now owned and managed by Axelos. We recently sat down with Peter Hepworth, the CEO of Axelos, to ask him about his vision for the future of Axelos and the eco-system of services that surrounds the BMPs. You can read the full interview here.

    Also, you can meet with Peter and his team at Pink14 - the 18th Annual IT Service Management Conference & Exhibition - later this month in Las Vegas. They’ll be participating in at least two workshop sessions; providing you plenty of opportunities to ask them whatever you want!

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    Posted by David Ratcliffe on 02/04 at 11:27 AM
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